Check out Twitter reaction on ‘Swag Champ’ Nick Young getting his First NBA Title with Warriors


After signing with the Warriors last summer, Nick Young said part of the reason he took the deal was because he saw the team getting free championship cake. The man whose face launched a thousand memes is now an NBA champion. Nick Young, who just turned 33, won his first NBA title with the Golden State Warriors on Friday night. While holding a huge bottle of champagne, he called himself the “Swag Champ.” Feel free to go out and tell everyone that Swaggy P has more rings than (insert name of amazing NBA players who never got to win a title here).

The summer of Swag Champ is here people. He might not be walking around shirtless, but it’s going to be fun.

Strap in and get your cameras ready to record every second of the Golden State Warriors parade and everything Swag Champ does this summer. But please, stop snitching.


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