Twitter can’t stop trolling Rahul Gandhi, says Coca-Cola owner sold ‘Shikanji’


“Who started Coca-Cola company? Do you know? I will tell you who,” the Congress president Rahul Gandhi said as he addressed his party’s convention for backward castes at an indoor stadium. “Coca-Cola wala America mein shikanji bechta tha (The man who started Coca-Cola sold shikanji in the US). He sold sugar mixed in water. His skill was recognised and rewarded,” he said.

Warming up to his theme, he also said, “You know McDonald’s. It is everywhere. Who started it? He ran a dhaba (food joint) but we all have seen the brand’s progress. You show me one person who runs a dhaba and has sent up a Coca-Cola in India. Ford was a mechanic, so was Honda.”

Where he questioned, are these people in India? “It’s not that we don’t have talent, knowledge, power, ability…but we don’t have banks willing to help, offer loans. The government isn’t supportive.” Gandhi went on to ask the gathering if they had heard of the Ford company, Mercedes and Honda and who had started them.


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