Fuel Price Hike: Buy Auto as quick as you can otherwise its prices will also be increased. Hurry up..


Forget about IPL and Kohli, diesel and petrol are creating a record a day every day now. On Saturday, petrol touched the all-time high price since 2013. On Sunday, it beat its previous day’s record. On Monday, it created a new all-time record in Delhi and Mumbai by touching Rs 76.57 and Rs 84.40, respectively.

Across the four metropolitan cities, prices rose around 30 paise on Tuesday. In Delhi and Mumbai, the fuel was sold at Rs 76.87 and Rs 84.70 per litre respectively, up from Rs Rs 76.57 and Rs 84.40 on Monday.

The increase in fuel prices has shaken the day to day life of common man and everyone is going mad because of the same. Here are some of the best reactions from Twitteratis on the isssue:


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